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To err is human, to mope divine.

Pink Teeth and Palpitations
11 November 1977
County Durham/Sedgefield, United Kingdom
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I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind
(Antoine De Saint-Exupery)

My er... 'beloved' is holding a lime to my face and threatening to induce anaphylaxis if I don't say how hard-working, selfless and perky-bosomed she is. Apparently this bio focuses too much on me and not on Her Maj. I LOVE YOU FERGAL PLEASE DON'T KILL ME BY CITRICIIIIIDE!!!

Rough Aunties - Project BobbiBear donation link.  Help stop child sexual exploitation in South Africa

Living in a remote village in the North-East of England can do wonders for your self-esteem, but will rob you of your sanity.

My adopted home is a far-cry from my old life in the big city. I'm a lesbian housewife now (and 'mother' to two bunnies) instead of a free-living, hard-drinking student, but I wouldn't swap it for anything.

Due to some brain-wrongness my career, education, and plans to raise a Dark Army of minions are on hold. After much struggling and angst I've come to an uneasy acceptance of the situation, with the firm (if misguided) belief that soon someone famous or important will be similarly stricken, prompting a massive wave of funding and research, and hopefully - a cure! I'm always happy to hear from other people with IIH, so leave me a comment if you stumble across me. Although it's awful to think there are other people going through it, it's also a relief to realise I'm not on my own here.

Until my brain and nervous system are fixed I intend to occupy myself by learning Arabic, pissing about on the intertubes, and compiling an ever-growing mental list of people who will be first against the wall, come the revolution.

Here's a short video with information about the IH Research Foundation

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